Saturday, January 19, 2008

Going with the Flow

The Flow people left a while ago. I have signed up with them for my internet and can once again enjoy wireless in the comfort of my room or wherever else I go in the house. I also like the name/meaning of "Flow" - in terms of life, energy, etc.

I will not be going with TSTT's internet service again. Every time my phone is down (which is too often for my liking), I lose internet service. It is inconvenient, especially as the phone can be down for weeks or months at a time (aka "3 - 5 working days"). At least with Flow (cable) I'm not dependent on the phone line.

My phone is still not working. In the past I would call TSTT at least twice a day to make reports or follow up, holding on to the line, getting angrier and more frustrated as time ticked by. I would also write letters to the TSTT superiors, hoping to get (but not getting) swifter action on the issue. But ... I have changed for 2008. I am (becoming) more patient and I am more open to a different sense of timing in general.

Since being back from St. Lucia (2 January) and finding a dead phone, I have made only two reports in total. And, rather than call, I went in physically to the TSTT office since that seems to take less time than calling 824-TSTT and waiting for someone to answer.

While it would be good to have my land phone back (so I don't have to keep running up cellular bills), I do not feel as ruffled and inconvenienced by its absence as I would have in the past. In fact, a few simple things I have done have contributed to a less frustrating and angering Trinidad for me:

1. I no longer read the papers
2. I do not allow the lack of TT service to ruffle me
3. I spend less time on the roads, only going out when I have to or really want to

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Blogger Lynn said...

Congratulations on your Flowing internet service. My life sure changed for the better when I got a cable system too. Have fun, and enjoy your new found patience.
Go with the flow as we said in the 60's. ;-)

10:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha! You are going with the Flow in more ways than one. I am right there with you. Each day I find myself bridling against some situation or event and then I notice it. My ego is running the show. Then I can soften and smile and look for what that situation wants to teach me. My goodness, this is an easier way to live! It becomes almost fun to see how I can use the situation or get creative or resourceful. It's really neat to read about you doing the same stuff with your frustrating situations.

PS I love the idea of going to the office in person.

11:01 AM  
Blogger Andreamuse said...

I'm in major withdrawal over not having my internet right now, but you know what? Given that I know I can go at least once a day to the Net Cafe, I am learning patience and to go at a different pace. I don't HAVE to be online all the time. AND it makes my limited online time more focused...

Five more days until FLOW for me...

11:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess we have got similar ideas
yuh got that one right there "go with the flow" Life's way too short to be ruffled.
Denise .

7:12 PM  

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