Saturday, February 16, 2008

A great Dream House launch

Thank you to everyone who attended the Dream House launch (in person and in spirit) on Friday night. It was really a fantastic, magical night, full of dreams, hope, Love, interaction, good vibes. The 'Love is Green' event, which also took place that night, enhanced the mood and entertained even further. Great people in the crowd, great energies.

A visiting photographer (Agusto, Nic's friend) took professional photos of the Dream House. We had gone the night before to set up the lamp and he came along with me to do some shooting of it (minus the people who would be there next night at the launch). When I saw the images on his camera screen I was totally blown away. Such a difference between me taking the photos myself ... and what he did, which is pure artistry in itself, with specific lighting to enhance the beauty of the piece ... making it look to me like something displayed on a blue moon. All it was missing was white mist (a la fog machine) swirling around its base. Ethereal, dreamlike, mesmerising, compelling, otherworldly, a Light presence. As soon as those photos are ready, I will post them so that you can see the lamp (Dream House) which really ended up looking and feeling great - not only in A's photos, but in real life. At the moment that I unveiled it on the night (pulled off the large sheet that covered it) ... all I remember is hearing complete silence, then a gasp from the crowd, then clapping. Then everything began .. the first purpose, which was ongoing throughout the night (and will be even after) ... followed by the second purpose, later in the night (also to be ongoing).

As the invitation said: When dreams come true, lives change. Mine. Yours. Theirs.

Official photos, an account of what happened on the night and details of what it was all for coming soon. Stay tuned.

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