Saturday, April 05, 2008

Au revoir

Water lily in the Pax pond, where the French crew spent their last two days
Early this morning Ilana (director, who had come in two weeks ago) and Stefan (cameraman, who came in a week ago) left Trinidad to return to Paris. After one final interview in the morning yesterday, we drove to Manzanilla, where we spent a few hours. A delicious dinner at Pax brought the day (and this French experience) to a close.

C'était bien et Ilana et Stefan sont très genial. I will miss the real life experience of talking in French, as I learned a lot from it. I have an invitation to visit Paris, so once I've fuelled up my private jet I'll definitely stop by.



Blogger human being said...

Hope you can travel there in near future.
The lily is so lively and lovely.

8:00 AM  

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