Sunday, March 06, 2005

My name is SIMPLE

This is the 6th interview in the series. To read from the introduction, click on the link "My name is ..." on the right sidebar under Previous Posts.

Rory Chambers, owner of this yellow band maxi, gave me answers that reflected his vehicle's name.

Ask yourself if you are subscribing to this simple but important message.

Happy Hippy: Why did you name it Simple?

RC: Because that is how I live my life ... simple. That is how I want to be ... simple.

HH: Simple answer!

(Both laugh)

RC: That's right.

HH: Now one more thing ... why do you put that name there? A lot of the maxi drivers are saying it's because of crime and you could easily say, well, I was in Simple or I was in Bless.

RC: Most people, especially older folks, they normally travel with a maxi that has a name. So in case of anything they will just remember what vehicle they were in. It's easier to remember than a license plate number or a driver, because drivers tend to change in maxis.

HH: Right ... but for you personally, do you also feel that that is a message you want to project to everybody on the street as you drive through? You're telling them: be simple?

RC: Be simple. Be simple and don't try to be something that you're not. Be yourself.

HH: Yeah, 'cause that's how I see it when I look at the names ... which is why I'm doing this. I want to find out if the same reason I see is what the maxis saw.

RC: That's right. So then that means my message is getting through.

HH: Yeah, it is, it is. Okay - keep it up.

RC: Okay thanks. Bye.

Tomorrow: Jewelry + Canine = ?

- Happy Hippy -


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