Thursday, June 23, 2005

Twin Tapes: Transcription #3

Location: Still in Lopinot on that same Saturday morning
Respondent: Golden Age Female
(Transcribed from dictaphone)
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GOLDEN AGE FEMALE (after slowly reading statement aloud and pondering): I think it's something that you care for most deeply, sincerely, that is missing in your life and you feel as if everything is lost. Life is not worth living without this thing ... or whatever you cared for is no longer there. Something that you were close to, that you adhered to ... something that meant quite a lot to you ... and it has suddenly disappeared. Now you feel as if - you know - life cannot go on without this particular thing that you cherished or that you had all faith and confidence in. That's my response to this question here.
HAPPY HIPPY: Good. Thanks. Can I ask you one more question?
GAF: Yes. Certainly.
HH: If you had to think of a colour that goes with this phrase, what would that colour be? What's the first colour that comes to mind ... out of all the colours of the rainbow?
GAF (chuckling): I'll have to think a while ... (pause) I think purple, or something like that. Some dark colour, really. Because it's darkness in your mind. Your mind is clouded now. So I think it's some dark colour. Nothing that reflects the light ... you see?
HH: Okay. Thanks.
(HH post-interview comment transcribed from dictaphone): Okay, so far still in Lopinot. The answers are varied. The colours are varied ... and I really don't know where this is leading, but this is how the project is forming so far.
Tomorrow: From the mouth of a babe ...
And if you haven't said it already, what does it mean to you?
- Happy Hippy -


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