Friday, June 24, 2005

Twin Tapes: Transcription #4

For those who have not checked in lately, a few more people have written their responses here
A Female Child (age 8) - upon being asked to read the 'Twin' statement ...
(If I remember correctly, this was done on the afternoon of the Sun 12 June recordings at Lopinot)
Location: St. Anns area

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FEMALE CHILD: Why do I have to read this? (She reads it quietly to herself)
HAPPY HIPPY: What do you think it means?
FC: If your twin is lost? (Pause) I'm thinking ... and I'm getting something ... (Long pause) It means when your heart has lost somebody in your family, you might be really, really sad because they've been very close to you for a long time ... when you were born and when you were growing up. And when you have a twin you more or less have the same birthday, same Christmas, same presents ... and it really means a special something besides your whole family. And when you lose your twin it's really heart broken.
HH: Aww. Do you think there's a colour associated with that? If you had to think of all the colours in the rainbow ... red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet ... Which one do you think you would give to the twin?
FC: Red.
HH: Red. Why?
FC: Because it shows a lot of love, because the heart inside you is red.
HH: Nice. Thank you.

Tomorrow: But I don't understand ...
And if you haven't said it already, what does it mean to you?
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