Friday, March 31, 2006


It is today that Trinidadians will be wearing black and driving with headlights on in silent protest of six year old Sean Luke's brutal death. Cynics will scoff, but the wearing of black is a move of national solidarity (very much needed). Whether politicians see or not is not the issue. They don't 'see' anyway. E-mails and text messages announcing this were being sent up to late last night ... much to my confusion since I, getting my days mixed up, had on black all day yesterday.
My sister just called me (mother of my six-year-old nephew) and we were talking about this. At one point, she said something about the young boys who did it ... and I just started to cry ... not so much because of the crime (horrible as it was), but at the thought of the entire nation coming together ... for something. It has to happen and it will. This is the beginning. History of magnanimous proportions will have to be made in Trinidad and Tobago this year and the people will do it.
This morning after meditating I noticed that the birds were extra loud. It was still dark outside (somewhere just after five) and so many of them were ... not singing or warbling, but more like twittering in an urgent way. I knew it was something important because of how it struck me. Their calls really sounded different. I went outside and sat on the ground for a while, closed my eyes and listened. There were points where I felt as if they were announcing to all of us (Trinidad): "Get busy!"

They know what they are saying. How silly of us to only focus on French and Spanish in school and never think of learning the language of Nature which speaks so deeply all around us. Consider how much are we missing out on knowing.



Anonymous Malaika said...

I am so sadden to hear about the death of Sean luke...but the reality is now setting in that the children of our nation need to have an outlet where they can turn to in order to seek help in dealing with sexual issues.
the boys who committeed the crime were only 14 imagine if little sean did not dead ...they would still continue to perform these acts.
it would interesting to hear how those boys were brought up...the history those 2 boys faced as children.

rest in peace
little Sean

9:00 AM  
Blogger Webgrl said...

i only heard of this yesterday (taking a break from reading/viewing any news for a little bit)
It shocked and upset me so much that last nite i alternated between crying and getting so angry frustrated and feeling helpless and stuck and unbelievably spooked.
I am frustrated over the treament of child sexual abuse here and the frequency with which it happens here and elsewhere for that matter.
I am frustrated over the fact that the #$@#!!$# police only got moving after the US embassy got involved.
I am using the word frustrated a lot but i AM FRUSTRATED and confused and for once, i'm actually not sure that i want to understand. I am not sure that there IS any understanding to be had anyways.
Ug! I just really would love to scream. My words are not forthcoming today.

9:43 AM  
Anonymous theglasshermitage said...

Elspeth, continue to trust your intuition and to listen. As I read your post just now I was quite stunned by how from this distance I am feeling exactly what you describe. Something IS happening. For the past month I have been beside myself with this 'expectation-that-cannot-be-named' and I realise today that I follow you for the comfort of your company and your strength and your conviction.

It is not my intention to point an accusing finger at any one person, but I have to repeat Malaika's question. I think that it holds within it the answers to the problem and therefore the solution and it has been coming to my mind again and again since reading about Sean Luke's death:

What were the warping ingredients that went into the moulding of the hearts of these two young boys and why are these influences so common in our country?

I once knew a child who preferred not to run and play with children much smaller than himself because he was so tall for his age and he understood that if he fell on them during play, that they could be badly hurt. No one had warned him about this. This was something that had occurred to him naturally out of his own observations and concern.

How do you go from this intuitive caring for your fellow human being to that other child who can take the soft, yielding, defenceless arm of a baby, lead it away from the safety of its home, and then take pleasure in mutilation so painful and so horrific? I would have hoped that such an act could not even be envisioned and much less, executed by a child..and yet, and we have it. Here we have the sobering evidence. Savagery is engendered in the young. Savagery does not suddenly and inexplicably take hold of the hearts of adults.

T&T is shocked today because these two boys are foretelling its future and an honest and deliberate examination of all our pasts will unearth the influences that have brought us to this point.

10:28 AM  
Anonymous Guanaguanare said...

Yes, listen to the birds. Guanaguanare is flying close and keeping watch over you.
Many blessings as you go.

1:59 PM  
Anonymous malaika said...

i am usually too busy with school to post but this incident has me really upset.
i know Miss Duncan is quite busy with other projects but you are someone who i would consider a risk taker and this story or crime has so much more to it.

i am trying to recall 14 yrs is like form 2?... gosh boy.

only because i am not in trinidad that i am unable to do this for my self but i would really like to know a little more about these boys ..the schools they went too, what friends and relatives reaction to the boys.. the media should do a whole history behind them cause this is MAJOR...
in the back of many minds i am sure people are saying " MORVANT again" why is it only certain areas of our nation is known for committing crimes?the media needs to step their game up.

Again how many more must die before the country takes serious action...i can't stand how only when something goes wrong we reaction.

Has the media done a segment telling parents where they can turn to look for help? cause i am sure this wasn't the 1st time they did something like this...they must have molested someone before.. i still can't get over the age 14..My GOD!!
its so sad that Sean had to die for our nation come together again.

4:14 PM  

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