Sunday, April 02, 2006

Where do I begin?

I just returned home after camping out at the Carina Star Party (2006). It was held on the top of the hill in Chaguaramas near the satellite. My friends and I carried edibles and drinkables, tarpaulin to lie on, blankets, etc. There were perhaps about 100 people there in all (maybe more, maybe less), spread out across the field with tents and tarpaulin. We were given star maps outlining the different constellations. Around 7 p.m. there was a projection onto a screen in the middle of the field, showing constellations ... and a man from CARINA pointed out the real thing in the sky with his high beam torch. It was intriguing. Later, we viewed some planets through powerful telescopes. I saw a fairly large Saturn with its ring clearly defined. Also saw Jupiter with its surrounding moons and two red bands across its middle. Amazing. When one checks out the astrological/metaphysical meanings of these planets, it is interesting to observe that these two planets were the ones that were focused on. What are the underlying messages for us all at this time? Saturn: planet of Time, Discipline, responsibilities and hard work. And then there is Jupiter, the planet of expansion. If you have the time, it's interesting to read what these planets signify from another perspective.

Some of my friends did not stay overnight - they left around midnight. Others who did, slept in a tent, but I got into my sleeping bag out in the open field, on the tarpaulin, head wrapped in a blanket to keep off the dew ... and slept. It was an interesting night's sleep, with very intense dreams - the kind that are brimming with messages. I woke up as usual around 3:30 a.m. and meditated ... after which I gazed up at the stars and said a prayer about 'everything'.

Anyway ... being there stirred up other feelings ... especially when dawn broke and I heard the red howler monkeys howling in the forests around us ... the flapping of birds wings so close to my head that I jumped ... the twittering and calls of life as Nature woke up to the day. This is what made me feel at peace ... as much as it made me feel "at war". Is there no escape from the feeling that this Government wants to rape this country of all of its beauty? I have so much to say that perhaps, right now, I will say nothing. Emotionally, I feel a strange mixture of calm conviction and disbelief which borders on a cross between anger and pity. Maybe later, when I have settled down I will put up the photos and write my observations.


Blogger Kaivalya said...

The star party sounds fantastic! I'm envious. Hope you were able to enjoy it, despite your worries.

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