Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Please stand ... for something (video)

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This video was created from footage I shot of various protests taking place in Trinidad between late 2005 and early 2006. It represents the collective voice of the people at a time when the republic of Trinidad & Tobago is going through crisis and experiencing transformation on many levels. The statements (written in bold) below are from placards held and t-shirts worn within the video. The first few opening bars of music in the video are the first few bars of the national anthem of Trinidad & Tobago, for which it is always requested of us: "Ladies and gentlemen, please stand." The video takes this request a step further and calls for each of us, once and for all, to stand for something.
(Rest of music - Elspeth Duncan, from the CD Manzanilla)

Gun = Death, not life
Stop the Violence
No to smelta plants
Enough is enough
Once Race ... Human Race
We want back our unity
Remember when it was safe to give someone a lift?
Remember when panyards were safe?
My son Ashmead Baksh was kidnapped and murdered
Sheldon Douglas murder victim #233. How many more must die?
Save T & T
More unites us than divides us
Remember when you could lime in St. james?
Our leaders have failed
Stop the hate
Every creed and race should find an equal place
Remember when children could be children?
T & T where is the love?
Smelter in park impossible
Don't stop the fight for wildlife
Patrick listen to the voice of the people
No methanol plant in the southwestern peninsula
Fresh air, clean water = no smelter
let us save our patrimony
ALCOA - Another Lie Count On Alcoa
Pollution - No!
People power makes change
Together we can build hope


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wonderful...no words.

3:04 PM  
Anonymous girlwithawindow said...


i only now saw your video as i finally made it to your site to see the last postings.

it's amazing really...ties in ideas about flags and trinidad you've been thinking about for a long time, but with new observations you have made. sends a powerful picture of the messages circulating around the country. excellent video spec

10:31 AM  

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