Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Warming up for Thursday

On Monday when I went to collect (part of) a long overdue cheque from a client, I was casually told that business was very slow and meetings were being cancelled because "everyone watching football."

If (when) TT beats England on Thursday, the country will most likely grind to a halt (in terms of work) as people party and celebrate ... and Patrick Manning will perhaps emerge to say that his prayers have been answered, the boys have done us proud yet again and declare the national gift of a public holiday on either Friday (the day after) or Tuesday (day after the public holiday on Monday, so that the nation can stay home and watch the TT vs Portugal match).

It is fortunate that the two matches so far (TT vs Sweden and TT vs England) took place/will take place on public holidays. The TT vs Paraguay (thanks Anonymous - in my haste I got my P's mixed up) match is on Tuesday, the day after a public holiday (Labour Day) and, according to my sister, whether Tuesday was a holiday or not most Trinidadians would make it one ... by either calling in sick or unabashedly staying home.

Tomorrow we will be going to my friend Charlotte's house. She is having a lime with about 15 people, a projector so that we can watch the match on the wall, massive flags hanging off the upper balcony and everyone bringing a pizza. Our vocal chords are sharpened and ready for maximum use.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

a minor correction: TT vs Paraguay

6:50 AM  
Blogger Elspeth said...

True Ooops. Thanks.

9:44 AM  
Blogger tracy j said...

Well done... You know ur PM!

We've been thinking the same thing across here in the office. Although, we've decided [we decided, ha!] that it would be better to give us the "holiday" after Paraguay... but this is Trinidad so :-)

1:54 PM  

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