Thursday, June 15, 2006

World Cup Prediction

T & T vs. England match:

2-1 (Trinidad's favour).


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Eerie game and definitely not as gripping as the first. I was wondering if they had been advised to play defensively in the first half because they wouldn't leave their side. Then England was making all those failed attempts at the goal and I was thinking that "something" had to be protecting the T&T team, then bam, bam...two goals for England that you really could not blame Hislop for missing. They were so close to the poles. WOW! Right down to the end I was telling myself that Trinidad could still score. I speak for myself when I say that I still think they played well and I'm not trying to make myself feel better when I say that luck and the "mood" of the day plays a big, big part in scoring.

O lay o lay o lay o lay o lay o lay o lay o lay o lay o o lay o lay o lay ...!!! Ha ha!! We still winning!! We qualified for the World Cup games!!!!!

3:55 PM  
Blogger Elspeth said...

Well, the 2-1 prediction came true in a warped way ... 2 to England and 1 to us which didn't really count because he was offside. But I agree with you, we played well, especially considering it was against 'a big team' like England. Great defense, but time to attack more now as well. We have a chance with Paraguay ... and England against Sweden is the only time I will be cheering England on because they need to beat Sweden for us. Shaka was fantastic - those two goals that were scored, according to one of my friends, were excellent shots - not as if they were paipsy accidents. Shak did his best and was always in place. Everything happens for a reason. This will inspire the warriors to fight harder - once they get over whatever disappointment from today (which is only natural). On the road driving home, the mood was quiet on the streets (from what I saw), but a friend who was watching the match in St. James said the partying is on as usual. Saw a drunk and very dejected, depressed man in bright red pants stumbling onto the highway with his head bent into his chest and his t-shirt slumped over his shoulder. It's now that we need to keep our spirits up and send out the vibes. We're winning WITH GOOOOOOOOOOALSSSSSSSSSS on Tuesday!

4:27 PM  
Anonymous Paz said...

? Are you sure "eerie" is the word you wish to use to describe the game?...rivetting, astonishing, tense come to mind..
"Not as gripping as the first" ..I beg to differ. It was far more rivetting than the first, furthermore although mostly defensive which is Leo's preferred and ideal strategy for the first rounds, the soca warriors played a careflly tactical game and displayed more attacking prowess than in the match against Sweedan. would reveal Leo B's defensive strategy.
The first 20 min of the first half was dominated by England, they had ball possession and controlled the play hence the reason we appeared to be in our half. it was necessary to defend. After that the boys gained control of the game and maintained it throughout until the brilliant goal that was delivered by Crouch in the 83'. I was prepared to accept a 1-0 defeat but the 2nd goal still hurts. However the fat lady has not sung. In order to proceed, we need England to beat Paraguay by I'd say a stunning 2 or 3 goals to reduce Swedan's GD and we need to score a minimum of 3 goals. Given Englands performance I don't forsee them scoring that many goals. Given our performance I reserve my comments.
"mood"...perhaps may play a role but I personally did not detect any negative mood.
Anyway, we are not that easily broken and so we support wholeheartedly and with confidence our warriors.
On a happy note many Canadians who are aware of football (soccer as they say but don't get me started on that issue) favour the warriors. Just today a woman just watched me in all my regalia and cheered go warriors! No to mention the scots and irish...who have set up websites for TandT support...I love, lose or draw we have left an jubiliant mark on the fifa worldcup.............I LUV THIS GAME!

10:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, Paz, I'm usually very careful when selecting words and for me, "eerie" was my personal experience of the game. I felt something heavy hanging over everything from start to finish. I didn't feel this with the first game and so was free to really enjoy the game. As I said, I thought that the team played really well and when I said that scoring sometimes depends on "mood", I was not implying a negative mood...just one that did not facilitate scoring. Maybe the heaviness was the weight of the combined expectations of Trinis all over the globe or just the effects of the Canadian 10% alcohol content beer in my veins. Maybe the position of the planets was not auspicious...qui sait?...Like you, I still too proud of our team. A la prochaine!

12:44 AM  

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