Sunday, June 11, 2006

Trinidad & Tobago World Cup snippets

I always find the reports of people's comments and behaviour after a TT-style victory amusing. These snippets from today's Newsday made me chuckle:
Headline (pg 3): Warriors tame Swedish Tiger
Headline on page 4: Yorke's mom too nervous to watch
(Piece of first paragraph): "My heart weak; I have to go and lie down," said Grace Yorke, as the Soca Warriors, led by her son Dwight, began to do battle with Sweden ..."
Headline: Shaka's dad home alone for game. "I was relieved"
(Last bit of article): He said he was expecting a call from his wife in Germany "as soon as she gets her breath back." He told Newsday he did not travel because he preferred to stay at home and watch the games on television.
Headline: Football frenzy in Tobago
(Bit of article): Horns blared and lights blinked as vehicles with their flag-waving occupants took to the streets of Scarborough immeditely following the match. "We win. I don't care what they say about no draw, in my book we win. They said all kinda thing about we, let them take that!" an exhuberant Warriors fan shouted.
Headline: Lawrence's mother expects win over England
(End of article): "Everyone will be glued to the TV and we're looking forward to a victory," she said.
Headline (back page): We 'SHAKEed' the world
I'm sure the Guardian and Express will have equally chuckle-worthy reports in them. Yesterday, after the match (which I spent screaming and prancing with my sister and nephew at their house), as I drove down to a friend's house to lime (they had a projector, refreshments, massive flags hanging from the balcony, etc.), the streets were full of flags waving from cars, people in red t-shirts, road-side houses with groups of friends/family drinking, blasting music and screaming out to passing traffic. Every time I passed a truck load of people in red, they would blow their horn and I would blow back and they would scream ... then they would do the same for the next car. Lorries hurtled by with lights on and horns blaring. Vibrating music thumped from taxis.

How often does something of this historic, nationwide, even international magnitude come along? This is the kind of salve currently required for the wounds of the nation. It's at times like this that most Trinbagonians stop complaining (or rather, completely forget) about T & T's problems: crime, pollution, inflation, corruption, politics, etc. ... and suddenly (again) it's the most wonderful place on earth and who would want to live anywhere else?


Anonymous hebe said...

CONGRATULATIONS! T&T is already the surprise of this tournament......!!! well, at least for people not knowin T&T, good luck on the other matches and let's meet in the final match...:-) offcourse it is there coach ;-)

4:45 PM  

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