Sunday, September 03, 2006

Arima Arrival

Yesterday I realised one of the reasons why the dream I had had before waking (about the Amerindian girl) was significant.

As we drove into Arima for yesterday's I DO 2 (photos here), the first thing that caught my eye was the Amerindian statue standing near the velodrome. It is the statue of Hyarima, who was 'the last great leader of this nation's indigenous people'. Makes sense why the borough is called Arima (Hyarima) ... in addition to which Arima is considered to be 'the home of the Amerindians.

The statue reminded me immediately of my ceremonial dream of the Amerindian girl. Until then, I hadn't linked the two ... her being Amerindian and Arima being considered their 'home'. It's as though she was spiritually preparing me in the dream to go to the 'home' ground.

In another way this all has even more significance when I consider that I myself have Amerindian heritage. Sometimes people ask me if I have Chinese in me, but I don't. It's Carib. Makes me feel that on some deep level I connected with a part of myself in that important dream. A part to be explored and reawakened?


Blogger allan said...

Gaia's voice resounds and makes a noise in those early branches closest to her core, the scions only hear echoes. You are of the Circle of Nations of the First Peoples and you hear her most clearly. In your dream you resist then embrace her and it is in that embrace that the jubilation of your reunification begins those celebraitng are the queens gone before-they have found a voice in this time of cacaphony; in the early part of the dream you were an observer in the latter part of the dream you are consumed. She is nourishing you for the fight to come. E. You follow in the path of Bodeacia and Hyppolite tighten your helmet straps as the oppenents will soon be joined.

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