Saturday, September 02, 2006

An amazing visit(ation)

Just before waking I had the most amazing and vivid dream which I can still 'feel' because of how real the experience was. I was in a large old house (like a large plantation house) with dark wooden floors and high ceilings. Not sure what I was doing there, but there was a young woman sitting on a cream-coloured couch talking to whoever else was in the room at the time. I can't remember who the person is; I'm not aware off seeing them - kind of like looking at someone being interviewed on TV but you don't see the invterviewer. So all I was seeing in the dream was the girl even though she was talking to this person. The more I looked at her, it was like trying to figure out where I knew her from. I felt quite drawn.

She was quite striking looking - like an Amerindian in colouring and features, with long straight jet black hair. She wore a kind of brown cotton dress with natural leather jewelery, feathers, brass, etc. In fact I got the impression she and her family made jewelery.

At one point she pulled out a cream-coloured recorder (the musical instrument most if not all children learn to play in school, to the chagrin of neighbours). It was sheathed in transparent rubber which I wondered about until I saw what she did with it (later). She started to play it and what came out was not sounding like a recorder - it was deep and haunting and had no particular melody, resulting in a very hypnotic, almost primal sound like a small didgeridoo with a slightly higher pitch than normal.

Suddenly I was not sitting where I was. I was squatting with my knees to my chest like I normally do when outdoors and stationery for long periods. The girl started banging the recorder on the ground (which is when I realised why it was sheathed in the rubber) in a ceremonial kind of way. It was as if there was an imaginary circle and I was squatting on the edge of it. Then she fell to the ground, similar to what happens when someone catches the spirit in an Orisha feast, but more subtle and more like a dance. Lying on her back on the ground, with her toes facing me, she then started to push at my shins (as I squatted). When she did this, I realised that I was strong and she was not able to push me over. But then she pushed harder, as if to make me let go and I realised I was tensing and resisting. I thought "Why am I resisting?" and I let go immediately.

The feeling was amazing. Immediately any bit of tension that was in my body disappeared and I started to fly backwards with my eyes closed. It's impossible to put into words what it felt like. It wasn't even like the feeling in a regular flying dream. When I landed there was no feeling of ground and no pain (I landed on my back - perhaps because I was feeling my spirit moving from or within my reclined/sleeping body). Afterwards someone asked me something and I couldn't speak.

It went on and other women appeared. But the above was the part that really moved me and resonated.


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what meaning these dreams what message what power what will?

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