Sunday, April 01, 2007

Customer service in T & T is non-existent

Yesterday a friend talked to me non-stop for over half an hour on her experiences with the horrendous customer service she had been experiencing lately in particular: laziness, apathy, rudeness, not-knowing-anything-about-the-product, etc. I listened knowingly.

On my end ... TSTT better get their act together and come and fix my phone this week. Every day since last week (or late the week before) I called them at least twice a day to be told each time that 'a technician had been assigned since Monday.'

On Thursday (day before the public holiday) I called in the morning from my cellular phone, while stuck in traffic, and was told by the young man who answered that the problem was 'a cable' and no technician had to come to my home to fix it ... that they could fix it externally ... in fact they were working on it ... but he couldn't tell me when it would be fixedd.

I called them again when I got home in the afternoon (upon realising my phone was still dead)and was told by the woman who answered that 'a technician had been assigned since Monday'. I asked her about the cable thing and she had no idea what I was talking about. I asked her to put me through to her manager and the phone 'cut off'.

I called back and asked for the supervisor of the repairs department. When I told her all of the above, she checked my documents and came back to the phone sounding surprised, saying that no technician had ever been assigned to me and the cable story is not true. So are these TSTT people making up things to get their 'valued customers' off the phone?

I told the supervisor that I feel like a hostage of TSTT, with no other choice but to WAIT until they see it fit to come and fix my line! (She said she would follow it up personally for me this coming week).

It is frustrating and highly inconvenient. If TSTT had competition they would be banging on the door to come and fix my line, calling me up immediately afterwards to find out if everything was okay, if there was anything else they can do for me and stumbling over themselves to give me rebates or at least a month off of paying my phonebill.



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