Saturday, September 29, 2007

The mystery of Love ... solved at last!

Those of you who were reading my blog in May last year will remember my quest to find out the meaning behind the endearing messages on the KC dinner mint wrappers.

A few days ago I got a long e-mail from a woman with the intials S.K. which totally took me by surprise. Again, those of you who were reading the blog around that time may remember the 'S.K.' who was supposed to call me back but never got around to it:

Yesterday I called the KC factory to find out more about the messages on the mints. I was transferred to S.K. who was unable to take my call at the time, but the woman who spoke to me and took my contact information, told me that S.K. would call me tomorrow ...

Anyway, the S.K. who sent me the e-mail was not the same S.K. from the above blog excerpt. She is the grand daughter of the late founder of KC! As I began to read her unexpected e-mail, my first thought was: "Wow ..."

Exciting! Receiving a long awaited answer (to a question that had long since been forgotten about!) ... and coming full circle and getting a great surprise ...

She said she would be happy if I could write something about KC dinner mints (for their 85th anniversary supplement) using my personal touch, along the lines of what I had been exploring on my blog ...

I of course said "Yes!"
... The messages, Love, people's feelings about the mints and about their experiences with giving the wrappers to their beloveds, their local and global appeal over time. This will be for KC's 85th Anniversary supplement. Imagine that ... KC has been around longer than most of us reading this have been alive.

Of course, the main question I asked S.K., who has been very keen and kind ('Keen and Kind' sounds like a KC message in itself) was: "Who is responsible for these messages?" It's the question many may never have wondered about ... but no doubt would love to know!

Stay tuned for her answer tomorrow.

And feel free to leave a comment here if you have had any special experiences with KC dinner mints in your lifetime. If there is space I may include it in the article. I already have some comments from last year which I will include (... taking liberties, but I don't think those readers would mind me including their comments).



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