Thursday, September 20, 2007

To bee or not to bee

While stuck in a horrible traffic gridlock this morning on my way to a great workshop on pitching (films), I had my head buried into my steering wheel in heat and frustration. When I eventually raised up, I saw this bee on my windscreen, staring in at me. (Ironic, since these days I'm as busy as a bee!) It allowed me to take three close up shots of it before flying off.

Unfortunately I am allergic to the actual insect's sting. Once I flicked a bee off my finger and it bit me before flying off. My hand was swollen like a dead frog for one or two days before I went to the doctor to get something to bring down the swelling.

I therefore have great respect for bees.

It struck me that this fuzzy angel on my windscreen had come to bring me a message ... so I just looked it up as a power animal. I don't mind if it injects me with some of its great symbolism. I won't be allergic to that.

Here the bee is described as:
(i) a symbol of fertility and sexuality
(ii) its honeycomb is a symbol of the heart
(iii) symbol of the sun and all its energies
(iv) being busy and productive ... or taking time to savour the honey and not be a workaholic
(v) Symbol of accomplishing the impossible (aerodynamically its body is too large for its wings, so it 'should not' be able to fly ... but it does)
(vi) Symbol of accomplishing things you put your mind to

In Hinduism, the Bee relates to Vishnu, Krishna or Kama, the God of Love.
In Egypt, the Bee symbolized royalty.
In Greece, it was the symbol of the Eleusinian Mysteries.
The Celts associated the Bee with hidden wisdom.

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