Monday, March 07, 2005

My name is BLING DOGG

His real name is Marlon Hines. But his alias and the name of his maxi is BLING DOGG.
Here's a short take on this party animal ...

Bling Dogg's logo on the front windscreen of his maxi
HH: So why are you called Bling Dogg and why did you call it (maxi) Bling Dogg?
BD: Well I do parties, right? Promotions, nah. And da's a promotion name nah - Bling Dogg.
Bling Dogg represent like de rappers' hip hop. You know bling ... meanin' jewelry? Right ... so my alias name is Dogg, nah, so I come up with de idea of Bling ... Dogg ... You know dat kinda way?
HH: Right, yeah ... so this promotes you and your party thing ...
BD: Yeah, yeah.
HH: Okay cool. Thanks.
BD: No problem.
Tomorrow: The police step in ...
- Happy Hippy -


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