Tuesday, March 08, 2005

My name is YNVI

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Jefferson once had the name YNVI (i.e. Why envy I?) on the front windscreen of his maxi, but the police made him take it off. Why? Or rather ... Y?

Happy Hippy: You had the name YNVI on your maxi and the police made you take it off?

J: Because dey say it's against the law dat we have de name at de bottom of de windscreen, nah. But it wasn't constricting any view of de driver, you know? But is have some of de officers does just have something against maxi drivers. You know what I'm saying? So is like dat.

HH: So why didn't you move the name and put it at the top?

J: No ... well it look more attractive at de bottom. Everybody have dey own style, y'unnerstand? And I like de way how it looks from de bottom.

HH: Okay. But now you have something else: 100% Bless.

J: A hundred percent ... is 100% Bless, meaning that I'm a blessed person ... and YNVI to the bottom does mean why yuh envy me because of how I striving? You know what I'm saying? So is like out here you find a lot of people does envy yuh because of how you strivin' in life. They always tend to want to bring you down when they could also strive and try and bring up dey own self.
HH: Right ... exactly!
J: You know what I'm saying? So das de reason for me having YNVI. Why you envy me because of how I striving? You know? When you could do de same! So it's like dat!
N.B. During this interview another man interjected and pointed out that by law maxi drivers are not allowed to have their names reaching any lower than six inches below the top of the windscreen.
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