Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The True Twin Story

The following is an excerpt from the true twin story,
written by Liam (the surviving twin)
and sent to me by e-mail
for the purpose of sharing his story with you all
in his own words.
Then that day came: May 18th, 1989. It was the worst day my mother ever had. At my birth the "intelligent" doctors at the hospital did not know jack crap of what just came out of my mother. So as would every baby born with a problem, I was rushed to the General Hospital of Port-of-Spain. Again none of the doctors there knew what was going on, until this one doctor came and said that I was a siamese/conjoined twin. The only different part of my story is that my twin was never formed ...
When you click you will get a document outlining how this whole project started and proceeded to this current point. This chronological account leads to the true story. Stored as a Word document, so you can print and read at your leisure.
Tomorrow: What next?
- Happy Hippy -


Blogger webgrl said...

I'm quite impressed by that young man. He's single handedly restored my faith in
a) young people
b) young people in trinidad

There is hope!

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