Monday, June 27, 2005

Twin Tapes: Transcription #7

Today's transcription is the final one in this phase of what was originally called "The Rainbow Project". Tomorrow the true twin story and the process that has brought us to this point will be revealed.
Location: Long Circular Mall, Trinidad
Respondent: Young Adult Female
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YOUNGISH ADULT FEMALE: I can see how that ... I can agree with it. I think we all have these lost twins and that's when we think we're looking around for people to 'complete' you. It's really you're looking for your lost twin, you know? At one point I used to see doppelgangers all over the place. But not my doppelgangers, it's just other people's doppelgangers ... so that I always used to think, well ... I do believe that people have 'twins'. If not twins, then other selves parading all over the place.
HAPPY HIPPY: If you had to give that statement a colour of the rainbow (lists them) ... what colour would it be?
YAF: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... Violet. Violet is a colour, right?
HH: Mmhm.
YAF: Yeah.
HH: Any reason why?
YAF: It just seems to be more of a 'beyond' colour, y'know? All of the other colours have definite associations. But to me violet is always a kind of elusive colour. And then when you think about some lights ... you know, when people talk about auras and all of that, I always imagine violet or one of those sort of hot tones, if that makes any sense.

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