Friday, July 01, 2005


A slight shift in operations ... I feel like now signing off with just "Elspeth", rather than Happy Hippy. Have been feeling it for a while, but did not actually get around to it until today. Yes, "Happy Hippy" is one of my nicknames (the most popular of which is 'Spec'), it is the shortened form of the name of the business and it was the name I was moved to use from the inception of the blog on 8 January, 2005.
But ... the shift to Elspeth perhaps means a new phase in development. I know for me it feels different to sign as Elspeth. And maybe for you it feels different to "see" Elspeth.
When I make comments they will probably still say "Happy Hippy" , but I'll try and tweak that later today when I have time.
- Elspeth -


Blogger Elspeth said...

Testing to see what name apperas: Happy Hippy or Elspeth

3:33 PM  

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