Monday, April 02, 2007

What have I been doing?

Since the Soul Window, I feel as though I have not done anything 'creative'. This feels a bit strange when I think of it. Makes me wonder what I have been doing!

Currently, the I SPY project is in its final phase. For those who don't know, it's a series of four (in the first instance) environmental documentaries I have been working on since August last year, with children age 7 - 10 (i.e. environmental video documentaries created by children for children).

So far we've done:
I SPY Wildlife (done with four random children)
I SPY Recycling (done with the 4H Club Members from Cunapo St Francis RC School)
I SPY Things in My Garden (done with 9 children of a Santa Cruz farmer)

The fourth episode is I SPY Trees (4 random children). We should be finished by tomorrow. It's been fun and an interesting learning process for all involved ... but I'll be glad to have the four completed so we can launch and move on.

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