Sunday, September 30, 2007

The answer

As promised, here is the answer to who wrote/writes the love messages on the KC dinner mints.

One of the late founders, Mr. Ibrahim Khan, was a very family oriented man who loved his family immensely and wanted them to have the best in life: a great education, peace of mind in a troubled word, fulfillment of their dreams and the granting of anything that their hearts desired. So great was his love for them (children and grand children).

It was when his father had died at the age of 9 (i.e. when he was nine, not when his father was nine!) that I.K. had begun to develop a great sense of maturity which enabled him to take on the responsibility of looking after his mother and sisters ... and which also inspired in him a sense of deep caring for his fellow human beings. This sense of deep caring expanded throughout his lifetime.

He was continually inspired to become more affectionate, increasing his wellspring of inner love and the desire to share it with others.

Here I will quote a line from the message that was sent to me, revealing the man behind the mystery of these minty messages:

"One thing that he learned and practiced a lot was the use of words that conveyed sentimental values, and he realised the effects of words upon women's hearts and people in general."

Since his passing, it is the people in the Marketing and Graphics Department of the company who continue to produce the messages on the wrappers.

And, if your next questions are whether or not there will be new messages in the future and whether other people will have the opportunity to come up with them ... the answer is YES.

So ... that's it. Short and sweet. A man with a sweetie factory who wanted people to be happy in life and to have their heart's desires fulfilled .. writing love notes on mint wrappers to make it all happen.



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love this story! (no pun intended) lol

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