Wednesday, March 09, 2005

My name is BORN BLESS

This is the 9th interview in this series. If you would like to read from the Introduction, click on the post entitled "My name is ..." (under the heading Previous Posts)

Trevor Wynne struck me as a cool, laid back man who takes great pride not only in the interior and exterior of his vehicle, but also in the meaning behind its name ...

Happy Hippy: To me it's kind of obvious why you named it Born Bless. But you want to tell me a little more about it?

TW: Yeah, because I was born bless. That's why I name de maxi after me. I come first, de maxi come second. Is a kind of combination. Yeah ...

HH: And you put it on every seat in the maxi. Is that so that your passengers will pick up that vibe?

TW: Yeah ... so that everybody will realise dey gettin' bless, den.

HH: Yeah, I like that. What kind of music you play?

TW: Conscious.

HH: Dub, reggae ... dancehall?

TW: Yeah ... ah doh like too much ah de dancehall ting, but once is conscious music I love that. And so de people is. Dem love it too.

HH: Good. Thanks.

The first two interviews (Trendsetter and Earth Angel) took place on the Friday that I first got the idea to do this project. The seven interviews that followed (this being the 7th) took place on the Saturday morning that followed.

TOMORROW: ?????????????

- Happy Hippy -


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