Tuesday, November 14, 2006

One year late is right on time.

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Switzerland, December 2005.
Last year's snow: Let it go. Snow melts. Its water runs dry
or returns to the sky to fall anew.
Yesterday and the day before were miserable days for me. Well, the days weren't miserable, but I was ...
At one point I went outside to play with the dogs ... and on my way back in, there was a rock on the ground in front of the door which I hadn't noticed on my way out. It was a heart shaped, brown stone which seemed to have been placed there just for me at that moment, just to say: "Love is still with you. I haven't gone anywhere." I looked at it for a while then picked it up and carried it in.
After lunch it started raining heavily, tons of thunder and lightning and the place started to flood. Cosmic washing machine. It was more intense than I've seen in ages (maybe ever). The roads were rivers and the large field down the hill from the garden was a brown lake with a samaan tree in the middle. I felt like all the water from the sky had come out of me.
I had to go and give a guest presentation in a class a friend was teaching on campus. I didn't feel to go and didn't mind if it got cancelled due to the rain. But the rain eventually subsided and I gathered my spirits and went, knowing that it would at least distract me momentarily from my mood (which it did, momentarily).
My friend and I walked back to our cars after the class and as we were saying our goodbyes at our cars, she said: "Hey! Wait Spec! I have some things for you in my car! I'm so ashamed to be giving them to you now!" They turned out to be two gifts for me from a good friend in Amsterdam, sent via this other friend a whole year ago!
I said: "Well, nothing before its time." When I opened the gifts I saw that this saying was true. Apart from the two cards with beautiful sentiments written in them, there were two little draw string bags containing special items. One of the bags in particular was a small blue velvet one, reminiscent of my little bag of wow. In it was a pink, chunky Rose Quartz crystal. As I held it, I remembered the heart shaped stone I'd found earlier and felt that both rocks were carrying the same message. (There are many links to Rose Quartz that speak of its metaphysical meaning - it's seen as a stone for opening the heart, healing, self love, etc.). This, like the little bag of wow, also made me say: "Wow ..."
It's ironic that a symbolically healing gift like the Rose Quartz was given to me a whole year after it was meant to be delivered. The same amount of time as the situation which was making me feel miserable in the first place.
Thank You.


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rose quartz is amazing...

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Have enjoyed looking at you blog.


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