Thursday, March 31, 2005

Happy Hippy

This is in response to the comment made/question asked on yesterday's page: What is the inspiration behind the name Happy Hippy?

Happy Hippy Productions is the name of my multimedia creative company (i.e. me). The work I do comes under the name Happy Hippy Productions. You can read the essence of what Happy Hippy is about in the side bar to the right (profile).

When I left my job in advertising in 1999 and embarked upon my independent creative path, I did so because I felt that life is too long (not short) to be doing something that doesn't mean much to me, doesn't make me feel happy, doesn't allow me to be creatively free ... and that I should be doing what I like/love - creating with a sense of freedom and deeper purpose ... i.e. what makes me happy. That's where the "Happy" part comes from.

The "Hippy" part comes from the fact that if I am doing what I love then I will be at peace ... and PEACE and LOVE are Hippyish things. In addition to which Peace & Love are two aspects of life that I would like to see flourishing around us ... so by extension, Happy Hippy is about injecting those (and similar) qualities into the work I do - whether individually or in collaboration.

Hippy also fits in to the fact that I don't like the idea of being confined to an office or to one form of creation or one method of achieving a desired result ... and somehow "Hippy" has that nomadic, free-spirited, flexible sound to it that indicates that my "office" can be wherever it needs to be on any given day (indoors or outdoors) ... and that I can be involved in whatever form of creation I need to be at any given time (writing, music, photography, videography, conceptualisation, etc.) ... and that I am free to work on diverse and seemingly unrelated projects either alone or with different people from one moment to the next.

Plus I just like how Happy and Hippy sound together.

Happy Hippy's "tagline"/statement/declaration is NOW IS WOW (as in HAPPY HIPPY PRODUCTIONS: Now is Wow). I've used Now is Wow as the name of this site (see top of page).

Other famous taglines:
NIKE. Just do it.
SPRITE. Obey your thirst.

Now is Wow is both:
(i) a philosophy - i.e. live in the present moment; there is no better time than the present; etc.
(ii) an indication of how Happy Hippy creates (Now: instantly, spontaneously; in time for deadlines whenever there are any, etc.) and what you receive as a result (a "product" or experience that makes you say or feel Wow!)

I could go on ... but that explains it in a nutshell.

And, as a result of all of the above, sometimes my friends refer to me as Happy Hippy, so I use that as my signature here.

- Happy Hippy -

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


The Blogger site had a note up almost all day saying that they were having technical difficulties earlier on ... hence the reason why I wasn't able to put up the daily message as early as I normally do.

I'll start fresh tomorrow, technology permitting.

- Happy Hippy -

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

chain reaction

For everyone who reads this*, may there be at least 10,000 people (anywhere in the world) who soon (or immediately) experience an inner our outer "event" that brings about noticeable and "contagious" positive transformation in their lives. May this mass change be recognized through action as well as demeanour.
For every one of those transformed individuals, may there be ten thousand more who have a similar experience and manifest the change in ways that impact upon their immediate surroundings (if not the world at large) to bring about significant release and healing on all kinds of levels ... in all kinds of people ... in all kinds of places ...
And so on ...
and so on ...
and so on ...
and so on ...
I am saying this because I believe it is possible for the "good" to stand up and be counted ... it is time for the good to stand up and be counted.

* And of course may each of us reading this experience the positive transformation as well in our lives.

- Happy Hippy -

Monday, March 28, 2005

28 things about 28 March

1. A good day
2. Change
3. A quiet spot
4. A door opens
5. Song
6. Green
7. Believing
8. Important conversation (even if just a snippet of it)
9. Listen deeply
10. Connection
11. Something new is coming
12. Swirling thoughts
13. Idea!
14. Be confident
15. Water falling, cleansing, nurturing (Symbolic, perhaps literal also)
16. Power
17. Decision
18. Why?
19. Why not?
20. Blank pages + pen = ?
21. Moment in time
22. Little surprises can be big if you notice them
23. Be still
24. Yes
25. Simplicity
26. The wonder of ...
27. Look up at the shapes in the sky
28. Wow

- Happy Hippy -

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Interactive (Part 2)

Use your ten nouns (in the order in which you wrote them) to fill in the blanks and complete this piece. If you haven't done that yet, you can do it now, before looking at the piece written after the asterisks. So, to repeat: think of ten random words (all nouns), write them down on a piece of paper and use them to fill in the blanks in the piece provided below (in the order in which you wrote them)


It is time for you to find your ___________ and go to the ____________. The ___________ is like (a) ____________ and you are (a) ____________. What does this __________ mean? It means that you are (a) _________________ and I am (a) ___________ and that tomorrow the _______________ will say to us: "You are both one ________________."
N.B. Upon completion, some may read their little story and think that it does not make sense ... but it does. The words that end up coming together in your piece may not be words that we think of as typically being used together in English, but step aside from what you think is the "right way" to use words together and you may discover the deeper meanings that can be found in these combinations.

Once upon a time everything was a strange combination before we got used to it.

This was part of an interactive piece I had created for one of my exhibitions. People chose random words from a bag of nouns I had provided in order to fill in the blanks. No two people chose the same words in the same order and therefore no two people ended up with the same story or message. For each person, the stories were applicable in some way - by giving direct, symbolic or humorous meaning to their lives.

Due to the seeming abstractness of these pieces, the possible interpretations are many.

Here is an example of a piece:
It is time for you to find your sea and go to the fountain. The mirror is like a crystal and you are a magician. What does this book mean? It means that you are water and I am a pencil and that tomorrow the belief will say to us: "You are both one flower."

It is time for you to express something that lies deep within yourself. Be open, clear and fluid and do not be afraid of your own magic, magnitude and power. It may seem as though others cannot read you and therefore do not understand you fully. However, understand yourself for yourself and express that in its fullness. It may seem that a pencil cannot write on water ... but seeming differences and impossibilities dissolve when you believe ...

(a) In yourself?
(b) In Something greater?
(c) In a positive outcome?
(d) All of the above?

- Happy Hippy -

Saturday, March 26, 2005


1. Think of ten random words (they must all be NOUNS) and write them down on a piece of paper.
2. Keep this piece of paper handy (i.e. don't lose it)
3. You will need this piece of paper with the ten words to do something I will present to you - if not tomorrow, then very soon.
Stay tuned.
- Happy Hippy -

Friday, March 25, 2005


Enter, enter,
Find your centre.
What is at your centre is everywhere.
- Happy Hippy -

Thursday, March 24, 2005

From the archives ...

(From the archives ... The opening piece of writing from my 1st solo multimedia exhibition 2001: INtroDUCTION).

There is light in you.
There is childhood in you.
There is the way you believe in wishing.
Fragments of the good old days, good old ways.
Fragments of a letter ... to me, to you, to All, to God.
Fragments of the Whole.
Whatever you (don't) see, feel, think, understand or experience is up to you.
So don't just look.
Take/make time to see, feel, think, question, do.
Take off your shoes and walk The Path.
Unfold like a flower.
Look at the same thing and see difference.
Transformation, reincarnation from old forms to new.
Every day is a birth day.
Every second: birth, rebirth, regeneration (of self, subject/object, other).
Make yourself into Something.
You are (not) just what you are.
The closed box has something in it.
The caterpillar crawls out of her body and into a new one without changing who she is.
This fast forward world that flies in the name of convenience is leaving itself behind.
Who sits still/still sits
and enjoys the setting Sun?

- Happy Hippy -

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

It happens


- Happy Hippy -

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

what is today?

open book
empty pages
white birds
before flight
- Happy Hippy

Monday, March 21, 2005


Image hosted by
In memory of dear Daisy
who died on the night of Sunday 20 March, 2005
at Mount Hope Vet Hospital.
Thank you for being a part of our lives.
You are surely in Dog Heaven as a free Spirit.
- Happy Hippy -


Who will you meet today?
Quite "by chance" ...
Is anything by chance?
- Happy Hippy -

Sunday, March 20, 2005

W.O.R.L.D. W.A.R.

We Only Recognize Love's Dominion.
We Are Radiant.

- Happy Hippy -

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Yes or ...?

Trusting Heart: Yes
Doubting Mind: No ... but ... well ... no?
Trusting Heart: Yes
Doubting Mind: Maybe ...
Trusting Heart: Yes
Doubting Mind: Well, I dunno ...
Trusting Heart: Yes
Doubting Mind: Perhaps ...
Trusting Heart: Yes
Doubting Mind: Errrrrrr ...
Trusting Heart: Yes
Doubting Mind: Should I?
Trusting Heart: Yes
Doubting Mind: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhm ...
Trusting Heart: Yes
Doubting Mind: Well ... errrrr ... I'm not too sure about that ...
At the end of the journey, Trusting Heart said to Doubting Mind: What did you find?
Doubting Mind said to Trusting Heart: I didn't start ...
- Happy Hippy -

Friday, March 18, 2005


The Sun slants through the window, cutting darkness into pieces.
What is the Sun ?
To some, a literal thing
To some, a symbolic thing
And to some ... who knows?
What is the window?
To some, a literal thing
To some a symbolic thing
And to some ... who knows?
What is the darkness?
To some, a literal thing
To some, a symbolic thing
And to some ... who knows?
What happens when the darkness is cut into pieces? What is revealed when the darkness is cut into pieces? Can darkness be cut into pieces?
These questions ...
Are they rhetorical?
... or not?
To some, yes
To some, no
To some ... who knows?
And to some ... who cares?
As you see it so it is
when you see it as you do
- Happy Hippy -

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Q & A

What is today?
of sunlight
- Happy Hippy -

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

hmmmmm ...

The bird leaves its perch ...
The cloud leaves its shape ...
The leaf leaves its tree ...
And me?
- Happy Hippy -

Friday, March 11, 2005

Take note ...

I will be away until Monday. Therefore, for the first time since its inception, the "daily evolving Creative Portal" will remain in rest phase (gathering new energies).

However, there is lots to explore. Feel free to browse.

I leave you with this charming sign erected by an old woman who has a little shop on the roadside on the way to Manzanilla*. I love taking shots of signs ... and noticed this one out of the side of my eye as I drove by. Signs in the country, especially handwritten ones, are usually interesting ... which is why I reversed to see what this one said. It warranted a photo.

Image hosted by
Words of wisdom from the old woman
(see below)

- Happy Hippy -
* See it. Hear it. Feel it. The Manzanilla CD is available behind the third DOOR (right side bar panel under Happy Hippy profile).

Thursday, March 10, 2005

End = Beginning

The first two of the "My Name is ..." interviews (Trendsetter and Earth Angel) were conducted on the Friday that the idea first came to me. The other seven interviews were all conducted on the Saturday morning that followed.

Yesterday's installment, Born Bless, was the last in this phase of the maxi project. I say "phase" because I sense there is more to come along this particular avenue of inspiration. I'm just not exactly sure what it is yet.

To the maxi drivers ... some of you wanted to tune in to Now is Wow to read about your maxi. If you did and you are reading this: Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Drive safe - for you and us! (Returning from Grande yesterday I found myself sandwiched in the midst of three red band maxis - one in front, one behind and one squeezing past the left side of my car to pick up people ... and regular traffic overtaking on the right. This is ridiculous!)

Thanks to those who tuned in daily to the series. Keep checking in and you will be aware of developments. As I said above, even though this "phase" has come to an end, it really marks the beginning of something else which will unfold as it is meant to.

So it is with the creative process (as I experience it, anyway). NOW IS WOW. In a single moment, inspiration will come ... like a maxi pulling up with the name of an idea emblazoned across it.

The idea comes to me.
I let it take me to my destination.
Do I know my destination?
Or does it know me?

- Happy Hippy -
If you would like to be added to the Happy Hippy Productions mailing list (to be informed of upcoming events, projects, exhibitions, shows, etc.) simply e-mail me with your name and e-mail address and I will add you.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

My name is BORN BLESS

This is the 9th interview in this series. If you would like to read from the Introduction, click on the post entitled "My name is ..." (under the heading Previous Posts)

Trevor Wynne struck me as a cool, laid back man who takes great pride not only in the interior and exterior of his vehicle, but also in the meaning behind its name ...

Happy Hippy: To me it's kind of obvious why you named it Born Bless. But you want to tell me a little more about it?

TW: Yeah, because I was born bless. That's why I name de maxi after me. I come first, de maxi come second. Is a kind of combination. Yeah ...

HH: And you put it on every seat in the maxi. Is that so that your passengers will pick up that vibe?

TW: Yeah ... so that everybody will realise dey gettin' bless, den.

HH: Yeah, I like that. What kind of music you play?

TW: Conscious.

HH: Dub, reggae ... dancehall?

TW: Yeah ... ah doh like too much ah de dancehall ting, but once is conscious music I love that. And so de people is. Dem love it too.

HH: Good. Thanks.

The first two interviews (Trendsetter and Earth Angel) took place on the Friday that I first got the idea to do this project. The seven interviews that followed (this being the 7th) took place on the Saturday morning that followed.

TOMORROW: ?????????????

- Happy Hippy -

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

My name is YNVI

This is the 8th interview in the series. To read from the Introduction and understand what this project is, click on the post entitled "My name is ..." (under Previous Posts in the right hand side bar)
Jefferson once had the name YNVI (i.e. Why envy I?) on the front windscreen of his maxi, but the police made him take it off. Why? Or rather ... Y?

Happy Hippy: You had the name YNVI on your maxi and the police made you take it off?

J: Because dey say it's against the law dat we have de name at de bottom of de windscreen, nah. But it wasn't constricting any view of de driver, you know? But is have some of de officers does just have something against maxi drivers. You know what I'm saying? So is like dat.

HH: So why didn't you move the name and put it at the top?

J: No ... well it look more attractive at de bottom. Everybody have dey own style, y'unnerstand? And I like de way how it looks from de bottom.

HH: Okay. But now you have something else: 100% Bless.

J: A hundred percent ... is 100% Bless, meaning that I'm a blessed person ... and YNVI to the bottom does mean why yuh envy me because of how I striving? You know what I'm saying? So is like out here you find a lot of people does envy yuh because of how you strivin' in life. They always tend to want to bring you down when they could also strive and try and bring up dey own self.
HH: Right ... exactly!
J: You know what I'm saying? So das de reason for me having YNVI. Why you envy me because of how I striving? You know? When you could do de same! So it's like dat!
N.B. During this interview another man interjected and pointed out that by law maxi drivers are not allowed to have their names reaching any lower than six inches below the top of the windscreen.
Next: ARE YOU?
- Happy Hippy -

Monday, March 07, 2005

My name is BLING DOGG

His real name is Marlon Hines. But his alias and the name of his maxi is BLING DOGG.
Here's a short take on this party animal ...

Bling Dogg's logo on the front windscreen of his maxi
HH: So why are you called Bling Dogg and why did you call it (maxi) Bling Dogg?
BD: Well I do parties, right? Promotions, nah. And da's a promotion name nah - Bling Dogg.
Bling Dogg represent like de rappers' hip hop. You know bling ... meanin' jewelry? Right ... so my alias name is Dogg, nah, so I come up with de idea of Bling ... Dogg ... You know dat kinda way?
HH: Right, yeah ... so this promotes you and your party thing ...
BD: Yeah, yeah.
HH: Okay cool. Thanks.
BD: No problem.
Tomorrow: The police step in ...
- Happy Hippy -

Sunday, March 06, 2005

My name is SIMPLE

This is the 6th interview in the series. To read from the introduction, click on the link "My name is ..." on the right sidebar under Previous Posts.

Rory Chambers, owner of this yellow band maxi, gave me answers that reflected his vehicle's name.

Ask yourself if you are subscribing to this simple but important message.

Happy Hippy: Why did you name it Simple?

RC: Because that is how I live my life ... simple. That is how I want to be ... simple.

HH: Simple answer!

(Both laugh)

RC: That's right.

HH: Now one more thing ... why do you put that name there? A lot of the maxi drivers are saying it's because of crime and you could easily say, well, I was in Simple or I was in Bless.

RC: Most people, especially older folks, they normally travel with a maxi that has a name. So in case of anything they will just remember what vehicle they were in. It's easier to remember than a license plate number or a driver, because drivers tend to change in maxis.

HH: Right ... but for you personally, do you also feel that that is a message you want to project to everybody on the street as you drive through? You're telling them: be simple?

RC: Be simple. Be simple and don't try to be something that you're not. Be yourself.

HH: Yeah, 'cause that's how I see it when I look at the names ... which is why I'm doing this. I want to find out if the same reason I see is what the maxis saw.

RC: That's right. So then that means my message is getting through.

HH: Yeah, it is, it is. Okay - keep it up.

RC: Okay thanks. Bye.

Tomorrow: Jewelry + Canine = ?

- Happy Hippy -

Saturday, March 05, 2005


Reuben Simon had seen me interviewing Jus Cool and Annie Juvenile and, when I was finished with the latter, he called me across to see the artwork on his maxi, Elijah Chariot. He gently explained the philosophy behind his maxi's name and message - both of which are printed on the back of the maxi and not on the front - for reasons that will be revealed later on in this interview. As he went on explaining, I became more aware of the added benefits of naming one's maxi ...

Back top right side view of the Chariot

Happy Hippy: Explain to me the message on the back of your maxi and why you put it there.

Reuben Simon: I put it there to remind people about God. You understand? When you think about Elijah, you know he go up on a chariot with fire ... y'understand? It represents to the Church the Holy Spirit ... that when Christ come to rapture people from the earth, those who are born again, those who living for Him ... he say those who die in Christ shall rise first and those who alive shall change in the twinkle of an eye.

HH: Okay ... but ... so you prefer to have it in the back? (moving around to look at front) Oh, you have it on the glass in front? (... and realising it's not on the front)

RS: Yes! But no ... it did break! I have to put it back just now.

HH: Okay.

RS: Yes.

HH: I'm really wondering about all these names.

RS: I is one of de oldest maxi taxi out here and when you have a name on de maxi den de people could see you from a way off. Dey will know well look, dat is Elijah Chariot, dat is dis one and dat one before looking at de number plate! So den if any crime commit ... all de people have to say: I was in Elijah Chariot ... or I was in dis one or dat one. So de police eh want to know ... well, people doh look at numbers. Elijah Chariot! They will find you now fuh now.

HH: Right!

RS: Y'unnerstand! That was the reason we have it before. Because dey was to stop it once, you know ... de Government. So de police and us use to, you know, have meeting in de St. James Police Station. They use to call maxi taxi to find out what's this ... and de police and de drivers used to live together that time. De police would work towards what wrong and so forth and so forth. You know dey did want to move it a time and we say no, the passenger know us by dat. If crime commit, the quickest thing to say is "Elijah Chariot!" This is de reason we have it and it still on.

HH: Okay, thanks a lot!

(All interviews transcribed directly from dictaphone)

Stay tuned! The next maxi knows how to make life easier ...

- Happy Hippy -

Back top left side artwork on the Chariot

Friday, March 04, 2005


This is the 4th in the series. To read from the beginning, click "My name is ..." under PREVIOUS POSTS on the right side bar)
This little chat on the South Quay stand was with Shiraz, the four-day-a-week driver of spanking new yellow band maxi Annie Juvenile.

Happy Hippy: How long you've been driving maxis?

Shiraz: 'Bout three years. Not this one. Ah does drive different maxis. As you could see dis is a brand new maxi dey buy. Ah does drive two maxis, actually. Ah does drive a nex' one an' ah does come an' help out meh pardner ...

HH: The other one has a name?

S: We eh put a name on de other one as yet.

HH: Did you name this one?

S: No, my pardner named it.

HH: Can you tell me the meaning behind the name?

S: Well, I ent too sure. Ever since about like five years ago when he was in de maxi business he just decide to name it dat because he had a maxi before and he named it Juvenile. It's just a name dat does come up in dey head.

HH: As the person driving it does it have any meaning to you personally?

S: No, not really ... is jes a name.

HH: Just a name. Okay.

S: But at de same time you go look to get a good name too, nah ... to look good on de road.

HH: Yeah ... When I look at it, I'm trying to look at the names and see well ... what did people mean by it? Some of them you could tell definitely they meant something ... but when I look at Annie Juvenile, I wonder ... did he know somebody called Annie who was a juvenile?

S: Could be ...

(Both laugh)

HH: Thanks.

Tune in tomorrow ... for some horse power!

- Happy Hippy -

Thursday, March 03, 2005

My name is JUS COOL

(This is the 3rd interview in the series. If you have missed any of the previous interviews and would like to experience them, click on the introductory entry entitled "My name is ..." under PREVIOUS POSTS to the right of this column).

It was Saturday, the day after I'd spoken to Earth Angel. I left home at about 6:00 a.m. with camera and dictaphone and headed into Port of Spain by maxi along the bus route. My intention was to see who and what I could find amongst the red band maxis at the City Gate stand. As soon as I arrived there, however, something pulled me away and guided me towards the yellow bands on South Quay.

Going with the flow was the best thing to do at that moment (as Trendsetter would agree), because the yellow band maxi drivers turned out to be so willing to be a part of this that after the first two interviews I didn't have to ask them to be interviewed. They were offering ...

This first interview was with driver Walter Modeste. His maxi was the first in the line up as I walked onto the compound. Thankfully the temperature of the early morning was in keeping with the maxi's name and I didn't find myself sweltering in hot midday sun ...

Funky ... funktional

Happy Hippy: Did you come up with the name Original Jus Cool?

WM: No I did not. The owner did.

HH: How often do you drive the maxi?

WM: Six days a week.

HH: As the driver, what do you feel the name means to you and to people who come into the maxi?

WM: Well Jus Cool ... it would mean to me that the maxi is Jus Cool (chuckles) ... and also de driver.

HH: Why is it that people put names on maxis?

WM: Sometimes to identify the maxi ... one. And for the safety of the passengers too.

HH: How is that safety for the passengers?

WM: They take a maxi ... and if they lost and found property, they could say well this morning I travel in Jus Cool. They mightn't know de number, but dey know is Jus Cool dey travellin' in.

HH: Okay, I never thought about that.

WM: They could easily find their stuff.

HH: Thank you!

(Interview transcribed as is from dictaphone)
Messages on back of Jus Cool:

Tomorrow: She is young ... but is she restless?

- Happy Hippy -

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

My name is Earth Angel

I had just collected my car from Dave (the radiator man) and still had my camera and dictaphone with me from the Trendsetter interview earlier that day. Rather than head back home, I decided to drive up to Arima and see what names I could find on the Arima/POS red band maxi stand.
I told the policeman directing traffic at the junction by the maxi stand that I was not from Arima and didn't know where to park. Immediately after telling me "Look, Lady, dey eh have nowhere to park in Arima ..." he pointed to my right and said "... But park behind dat car."
There were about thirty plus maxis on the stand, not all with names. I headed towards one that was just manouvering to squeeze into a space at the top of the line-up. I looked at the driver ... simple, unassuming, middle-aged, looking more like a parent waiting to pick his children up from school ...

This succinct interview took place on Arima maxi stand in blistering hot overhead sun ...
hence its succinctness.

Happy Hippy: Okay, what's your name?

Maxi Driver: Well, my name is Dunstan.

HH: Dunstan, what I'm interested in finding out about is the meaning ... Did you name the maxi Earth Angel?

D: Yes.

HH: Why did you name it that?

D: Well, the name is who you really is as a driver, you know? Earth Angel is a more kinda spiritual name, you know? So the kind of music I play in the maxi is - you know - a lot of gospel and slow music and ting ... you know? Ah don't really play like dub and - you know - de other kinda ting music an' ting ...

HH: Hmmm, so ... you are an earth angel operating this maxi, then?

D: You could say so. You know, you must be polite with people regardless ... you know? You know sometimes you get passengers come in bad moods an' ting but de name you carry ... you know ... you as de individual must have to stand within that area, you know, where de name is concerned. Yeah.

HH: Yeah. Thanks very much.

D: Okay ...

Prior to interviews I tell the drivers that I'm an artist doing a project on maxis and the meaning behind their names. I ask them if its okay to use the dictaphone and camera (knowing that some people are intimidated by those things). I also give the address of this Happy Hippy: Now is Wow page to those who have access to computers and want to check up on their maxi. After chatting with Earth Angel, I approached two other maxis and explained what I was doing. One man simply said: "I eh know nothing about de name, nah. I is jus de driver." The other thought about it for a while before shaking his head and saying: "Nah, I not into computers."
Don't worry, mister. The computer is just one medium.
I will be using others ...

(All interviews transcribed as is from dictaphone)

Don't miss tomorrow's installment:
Does he work at Peake's?

- Happy Hippy -

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


On Friday morning, minutes after jumping out of Mr. Lucky, I saw Trendsetter parked on St. John Road outside of a small community of houses. I dashed home for my camera and dictaphone, realising this would be my first interview.

After calling for a while by the gate, a woman in the house to the front looked out. I said I was looking for the maxi driver and she told me to shout out for Jason, who lived in the house to the back ...

This interview with Jason, driver of the red band maxi, Trendsetter, was a quickie, because I had caught him just as he was getting ready to go out. The maxi was named by its owner and, whereas Jason didn't know exactly what had inspired the name, I felt it was important to find out what it meant to him. After all, he is the "driving force" behind it once the maxi gets on the road.

Happy Hippy: What does the name Trendsetter on the maxi taxi mean to you?

Jason: Well, basically it means I set a trend. I is de setter. I set de trend on de road nah ... for everybody to follow de standard of my trend.

HH: Is that a trend in terms of how it looks or ... ?

J: Yeah, how it look - appearance, everyting.

HH: And what about the message at the back? Blessings Flow ...

J: Ah blessin' everybody ... so you have to go wit de flow, den.

HH: Yeah, I like that.

Thank you, Jason and Trendsetter for that short but inspiring interview. Continue to set trends in appearance, safe and conscious driving and the spreading of blessings as you ply your daily route.

N.B. I noticed something interesting when I was reading this over. In the second to last line of the interview (Jason's final response), the way it's written (J: Ah blessin' everybody) - it looks like JAh blessin' everybody.

And, coming under the second image, it therefore reads: Blessings flow. Jah blessin' everybody ... so you have to go wit de flow, den.


Tune in for tomorrow's maxi: Does he use a halo for a steering wheel?

- Happy Hippy -